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Who is WEWE Global?

WEWE Global is a digital platform that can provide solutions to cryptocurrency companies like LYOPAY that helps cloud minting Bitcoin with cloud server.

Read the WEWE Global presentation to get a complete picture of what you need to know about WEWE Global.

To become a member of WEWE you don’t need to pay any amount, registration is free and then you can get a clouding minting package with 10% monthly return and a minimum deposit of €500.

What is LYO credit;

LYO credit is the native token, i.e. the coupon used by the ecosystem of WEWE Global and LYOPAY.

For more information you can read the LYOPAY whitepaper which explains the goals and mission of the cryptocurrency.

You can also see what the company plans to do with the cryptocurrencies it has mined.

What does someone need to do to earn 100 euros a day?

Cloud minting package worth 30,000 euros

One way to earn 100 euros a day is to get a cloud minting package worth 30,000€, which means that with a 10% yield you will be able to get 3,000€ per month, that is 100€ per day.

Each package contains its own contract, its own IP, and in addition it belongs to an array of servers, cloud servers and one of the 6 largest data servers that LYOPAY has around the world.

LYOPAY pays daily in Bitcoin and you can send your money from WEWE wallet to any wallet you want.

You can also keep them and buy another package. Each contract has a duration of 30 months, which means that with 500€, which is the minimum package, you will be able to do cloud minting for 30 months and get 1500€. Whereas if you put 30,000€ you will be able to get 90,000€ in 30 months, and on a daily basis you will earn 100€ a day.

Purchase of space worth 1,000 euros on the server for cloud minting bitcoin

The second way is to buy 1,000€ worth of space on the server, doing cloud minting bitcoin. Also in this way you can use the affiliate marketing that the company has.

All major crypto companies, such as Binance, have special affiliate marketing programs and are aimed at all those who want to make money from the Internet and become entrepreneurs.

There are many ways to make money online.

One of them is affiliate marketing or referral marketing, cooperative marketing.

What does LYOPAY provide with referral marketing?

There are 6 different bonuses that you can if you do them reach 100€ per day. There is no limit to affiliate marketing. The commissions you can get with the LYOPAY affiliate program are 5-36%.

1.Αffiliate marketing referral

Affiliate marketing referral is the 1st bonus and its percentage is 5%.

2.Infinity bonus

The second bonus reaches 36% and accelerates Bitcoin cloud minting.

3.Runner pool bonus

With the Runner pool bonus, you can participate in 1% of the global turnover, i.e. earn in 18 months up to 30,000€, if you buy a package of 1,000€ and recommend it to 10 other customers or your partners so that they can also buy it.

4.Fast track bonus

The fast track bonus is valid for the first ten days and gives you an affiliate commission of 10% instead of 5% and you can earn money faster.

5.Matching bonus

The 5th bonus is the matching bonus which gives an extra 20% bonus.

6.Extra for super affiliates

You earn the relative bonus from LYOPAY every 3 months if you reach a goal.

refferal marketing

How efficient is cloud minting?

The yield of cloud minting is around 10% per month with daily Bitcoin payouts. It pays in Bitcoin to support the price of Lyo credit.

And this in order not to dissolve the price because if we minted every day and sold our cryptocurrencies we would have the opposite results.

How is it possible to have such returns?

The returns of 10% are possible because they are achieved through the proof of space mining algorithm and through the higher mining energy we have these returns.

Bitcoin has a more stable price and that’s why in cloud minting we use it as a currency.

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