WEWE Global Business Plan Presentation

Welcome to the LYOPAY and WEWE Global business plan presentation. Many services and products are at your disposal with the advantages of WEWE Global.

Pay in cryptocurrencies, with WEWE virtual token and get rewards, all in one single portal. Book hotel stays and learn more about the Bitcoin trend.

What will be the next service? You can decide by voting with the WEWE Global community.

How to start?

First, read my presentation or watch the related video I uploaded on my YouTube channel.

Ask a friend or acquaintance to invite you to the WEWE Global platform. Register from the link sent to you by the person who invited you.

Alternatively, use my registration link and enter your friend’s referral code. Awesome… you made a very wise decision to earn passive income!

What is WEWE Global?

WEWE Global business plan presentation talks about the digital platform that provides various services and products. One of them is cloud minting.

You will surely hear many unknown words. That’s why I’m here to answer your every question and introduce you to the new and creative world of cryptocurrencies.

As unfamiliar as some of the jargon sounds to you, that doesn’t mean you can’t harness the power of cloud minting and make money from crypto.

Those who got into crypto faced the same problem in the beginning, as I personally did. Take notes and don’t forget to ask about what you don’t know!

Registration is completely free and does not require any purchase. You can also subscribe to my newsletter and get regular updates about crypto and how to make money online.

I am Yiannis Divramis, an expert in the construction and promotion of websites for the last 22 years. I studied Finance and Accounting in London. I am a chartered accountant without having ever practiced the profession of accountant. I also hold a master’s degree in Business Administration. 2 years ago I had made my own cryptocurrency Puppy coin.

I also have other YouTube channels for crypto like Kryprohodlers. The reason I made this intervention is to show you that I am an expert in the field. I am a developer and technician in this field so I have some knowledge more than the average user. However, you don’t need to be a techie to take advantage of the opportunity now available to you through WEWE Global business plan presentation.

If there is a desire and a will to learn the WEWE Global business plan presentation, contact me and start immediately! “Money loves speed” as the Americans say. In Greece we say that luck favors the brave!

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What is cloud minting?

Cloud minting is a form of mining provided through WEWE Global’s digital platform. The platform has exceeded 190,000 users worldwide and is still going strong.

The cloud minting done at WEWE Global produces the LYO credit currency. Of course you will be wondering, “Why do cloud minting on WEWE Global when I can do it myself with some graphics card”?

Mining, the extraction of new cryptocurrencies by exploiting the cloud processing power of the computer array can also be done at home.

It can be done with a mining rig and produce Ethereum. However, it is very expensive in power consumption. It also produces a lot of heat and the space should be well conditioned to be bearable for you and the machines.

Many times miners face technical problems that I have experienced myself, such as graphics card theft by third parties, fuses blowing, network drops and rigs crashing.

I’ve had a lot going on so it’s not that easy to mine at home right now. But cloud minting which is a form of cloud mining is much easier.

You do not need to do anything or buy anything yourself, only the rental of the necessary equipment is required which is provided through WEWE Global business plan presentation.

How much do I rent the equipment?

By entering WEWE Global’s digital platform you can purchase one of the packages provided. They start from 500 euros and reach 100,000 euros. The server costs 5,000 euros and has an activation fee.

However you can buy some fraction of the server which is 1000 package and so on.

Is there any legislation?

From a legal point of view, are we doing an investment? No, it is not an investment because it is a server rental and is not subject to any investment legislation.

Currently there is absolutely no crypto legislation worldwide. Some countries have adopted Bitcoin as their native currency such as Nigeria and El Salvador.

In all advanced countries such as Greece and the rest of the EU countries, but also America there is no clear legislation on crypto.

Ethereum, for example, was first released as a commodity because there is no legislation and they would have a problem with banks and exchanges.

So right now we are not going to invest any money. We are not subject to any specific legislation, however, we rent space to mint LYO credit.

LYO credit is the native token of the WEWE and LYOPAY ecosystem. Continue reading WEWE Global business plan presentation.

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How efficient is cloud minting?

The yield is around 10% per month and pays daily in Bitcoin. The reason it pays in Bitcoin is to support the price of LYO credit.

If we minted every day and sold our coins, price dilution would occur. Don’t be intimidated by the technical terms I use, because you can do your research afterwards.

How is it possible to have such returns?

The 10% yield is possible because it is achieved through the proof of space mining algorithm and through the higher mining energy achieved due to the mining energy network.

Bitcoin is mined with proof of work, very time consuming and costly. So does Ethereum. Rigs with graphics cards that generate Ethereum yield about 5 to 20% depending on the gas fee of the price (i.e as a usage token) of Ethereum.

Many times these prices are volatile. Bitcoin has a more stable price, which is why WEWE’s cloud minting uses Bitcoin as a currency.

WEWE Global and LYO credit business plan presentation

We can convert Bitcoin to Euro or Dollar daily on any exchange like Binance or LYOtrade.

LYOtrade is an ecosystem exchange of WEWE and LYOPAY.

Apart from LYOtrade which is a very basic exchange there are many other services where you can use LYO credit.

What is LYO credit?

LYO credit is the native token, i.e. the currency used by the WEWE Global and LYOPAY ecosystem. It can be sold and bought on various exchanges.

It is currently in 5 exchanges. Soon, it’s going to roll out to another 20 or so exchanges. You can read the white paper where the goals and mission of the cryptocurrency are analyzed.

All cryptocurrencies have a white paper, also read the related white paper for Puppy Coin, my own cryptocurrency.

The LYO credit white paper is available on LYOtrade. You can see what the company plans to do and how many cryptocurrencies it has mined. More information can be found at CoinGecko.

It will soon be on CoinMarketCap which means it’s your chance to participate right now. Usually, the price increases when a coin is listed on CoinMarketCap.

I say this with caution as there is always the fear of pump and dump. I don’t bet on something like that… I have a different investment philosophy.

The reason I am telling you this is to feel safe and see that LYO credit is a currency that has prospects.

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wewe global ecosystem

How can I currently earn with WEWE Global?

As I mentioned at the beginning of the WEWE Global business plan presentation there are two ways to earn. To be more specific, you can choose either the investment option or the business option.

1. The investment part

It’s not an investment of money, but it pays off. So we can talk about investment. The first is that I can rent WEWE Global cloud minting space and earn bitcoin money every day.

Bitcoins are traded on exchanges. The yield is around 10% and the package starts from 500 euros up to as much as we want.

2. The business side

The second part is business. The business way is through affiliate referral marketing.

WEWE Global gives us various rewards depending on how many people we refer to do cloud minting like us.

Personally, because I have more than 15 years of experience in affiliate marketing, I am also a partner as an affiliate marketer in Binance, OKX and ClickBank.

In affiliate marketing commissions can reach from 75% to 85%. That’s why I went to Affiliate World in Dubai in 2022.

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There the average affiliater made 50,000 per month. I know many people who do similar work to me and make this money. These numbers are real!

My company at Affiliate World was making anywhere from 50,000 to 500,000 a month. This does not mean that once you start you will make that money too.

But there is a chance that you will reach these fees. I see it happening every day not only at WEWE Global, but at other affiliate marketing businesses as well. It’s a standard thing, so it depends on you and your intention.

Bonus – WEWE Global business plan presentation

WEWE Global business plan presentation gives us 6 different bonuses for each new registration.

1. Affiliate Referral marketing bonus

The first is the affiliate referral marketing bonus which is 5%.

2. Eternal bonus

The second is the infinite bonus that reaches up to 36%.

3. Runner bonus

The third is the runner bonus which is for those who buy a package of 1,000 euros, recommend 10 other people who will also receive a package of 1,000 euros in the first month.

So it is very important to start like this. That’s how I started too!

4. Fast track bonus

The fourth is the fast track bonus which instead of 5% gives us 10% in the first 15 days for every recommendation we make. So it’s a major benefit for someone to get started quickly.

5. Matching bonus

The fifth bonus is the matching bonus.

6. Extra bonus για super affiliates

The sixth is the extra bonus for super affiliates that is given every 3 months. It is an equally important bonus.

My personal story with WEWE Global

WEWE Global’s pay system is one of the best I’ve seen at the moment and is accurately writen on this WEWE Global business plan presentation. I liked the company from the first moment.

I started around the end of May 2022. A friend while eating pizza told me about his cousin who was in Dubai. He is from Rethymno and he does this job, and he makes a lot of money.

I immediately understood, because I am an expert in the field and have been working for years, the magnitude of the opportunity and I wanted to sign up immediately.

The problem is that this man had never introduced anyone in 4 years and had his cousin from Dubai come back.

However, everything went smoothly. You should, no matter what you do, register with WEWE Global business plan presentation for more information.

Register with the link sent to you by You can also sign up from mine and put your partner’s referral code.

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