WEWE Success Guide to Affiliate Marketing

WEWE Success Guide to Affiliate Marketing

WEWE Success Guide to Affiliate Marketing

WEWE Success guide is aimed at those who want to invest in crypto safely, and risk-free and get passive income with affiliate marketing through TikTok and social media in general.

95% of new businesses fail in the first five years. If one wants to build their own business without having to produce a product or service, then combining affiliate marketing with crypto is a way to get passive income.

Creating a sales website, and building an audience is a way to achieve affiliate marketing and get passive income for life.


WEWE Success guide refers to 6 different goals:

  • 5% Referral
  • Infinity Affiliate
  • Turnover per quarter
  • 10% Crypto minting per month
  • 6.5% Bitcoin Staking Return per month

Affiliate marketing can make real money from rewards every night while sleeping. The WEWE Success guide aims at the average person unfamiliar with investments and cryptocurrencies, but who wants to change their lives, and get financial freedom and time independence.

There is this terribly misunderstood marketing model. And it is misunderstood because it is often associated with easy enrichment, still don’t understand why, but also with spam sites where one has to go through an Odyssey of 700 banners and 1200 pop-ups to find the information, he is interested in.

Like all business practices, how profitable it is, depends on how each person applies it. Affiliate Marketing is Partner Marketing and it is a Performance-based Marketing model.


In this model, there are three components:

  • the Merchant/Advertiser,
  • the Affiliate/Publisher,
  • the Affiliate platform that connects these two.

The advertiser’s relationship with the Affiliate is quite simple at first level. The Affiliate, through targeted and useful content, promotes the first’s products and sends traffic to the advertiser’s site through an affiliate link. If any of these visitors make a purchase, then the Affiliate gets a commission on the purchase.

The advertiser, on the other hand, pays a commission to the affiliate only each time the agreed-upon goal is achieved. Usually, this goal is to sell but many times it is not limited to that as it can also be to simply register somewhere.

Practically speaking, Affiliate Marketing can be done by anyone with a site/blog or a social media account and a large audience of course. The model is based on achieving a purchase through sharing and strategically placing an affiliate link within useful content.

Affiliate Marketing companies are the ones that provide the Affiliate with the platform, where one can enter and find the products he will promote, as well as all the advertising means to achieve this, text links, banners, etc.

The most well-known Affiliate Marketing platform is WEWE Global, as this model is anything but widespread in the Greek market compared to abroad.

Companies like Amazon, however, which has its Affiliate program and an entire army of Affiliates, rely heavily on it to maximize their profits.

This Marketing model is very competitive, so to become an Affiliate and see results and profitability, it is good to be settled. Affiliate Marketing takes time and a lot of effort before one starts seeing their income grow.

With the WEWE Success guide, the average user will be able to start his own crypto business, get passive income, and make his path into the affiliate world.

WEWE Success Guide to Affiliate Marketing
WEWE Success Guide to Affiliate Marketing


To start with affiliate marketing with WEWE Success take into account the following:

  • Introduction to passive income
  • Goal dream
  • Choice of business model
  • List of Prospecting candidates
  • Create a sales funnel site
  • Create video content
  • Website and sales video promotion

Above all, Affiliate Marketing, like all other models, is based on relationships of trust between the marketer and the audience. Relationships that not everyone manages to build.

On the other hand, of course, this certainly does not mean that it is associated with an easy profit or that it does not take some time before you start seeing results. Like everything in marketing, it takes time, learning from your mistakes, and getting back up stronger.

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